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We build customized insurance options based on the particular customers experiences and work with them overtime to help them gain more favorable rates in the future.

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Our History

I began Murphy Insurance in February 2020. Literally a week before we all learned what a “global pandemic” was. Prior to opening the business, I was fortunate to be able to work for a legend in this industry for 2.5 years and learn the foundations of the insurance business. I was able to absorb his passion for the business and understand the wonderful opportunity/responsibility that comes with being entrusted to protect people’s assets. I began working for that agency after a decade of owning and operating a brick and mortar retail shoe store.

Because of my experience in being self employed and running a small business, I was able to meet and form relationships with a lot of people. So when I began selling insurance, most of my policyholders I was working with were either friends/former customers of my shoe store or friends of the family I was working for. I never learned how to do this from the position of a traditional agent that only saw policy numbers, because all I cared about were the actual people the numbers were for. I’d noticed the amount of people that would come to me needing insurance with no idea what they were purchasing and found it troubling. I thought it was sad that their previous agents were not taking the time to explain everything to them and making them aware of all of their options in an effort to allow them to make the best educated decision possible.

Each policy I wrote came with a class on at least the basics of insurance. My ways of explaining things and working for the people caught on and eventually, the people that called me looking for insurance far outnumbered the people that called because of the logo that I represented. I took that as a sign that it was time to provide options beyond the confines of the particular carrier that I was working for and embarked on the journey to begin my own agency.

What Our Clients Say

You’re guaranteed to learn about your policy and what you’re purchasing; and not be sold another sheet of paper. Mr. Murphy is hands down the most knowledgeable and caring agent. You won’t regret choosing him as your insurance agent! Such a great guy, with amazing customer service!! Check him out!!

- Marquita Martin

It is great to actually speak with a person when you call an Insurance Broker. I spoke to Mr. Murphy about my insurance needs, he was professional yet he was able to explain each policy in detail using plain English. He helped me to get better coverage and save money on my Home, Auto and motorcycle insurance policies. If you need insurance, this is the guy to call!

- Aaron Metcalf

In all my dealings with him in a business level, he was concerned with an outcome that would benefit my family and me as well. It is something that made us customers for life and future customers of this business. If you simply give him an opportunity to earn your business, you will not be sorry you did!!

- Garrick Purdie

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